Marcela Villegas / Entornos productivos


Marcela Villegas

Director Marcela Villegas has been a pioneer in the field of interior architecture in Colombia. A native of Manizales, Colombia, she studied Architecture at the prestigious National University, with an emphasis on Design and Interior Architecture. She has 30 years experience in the design of unique and productive spaces, especially in corporate, commercial and hotel projects.

Currently she is the director of Entornos Productivos S.A.S. She has gained her reputation through her work with both her clients and fellow architects in the projects she has led. She is also known for her results that remain in time throughout the years. Her designs increase productivity and work satisfaction in the companies she has dealt with, due to her vast experience and ability to understand her clients’ needs and her knowledge on how to translate them into efficient spaces.

Among the projects that are quite known for their quality, we could mention the buildings of Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce, Salitre, Chapinero, Kennedy and Cedritos branches, the remodeling of the rooms of the Santa Clara Sofitel Hotel in Cartagena, one of the best hotels in Latin America, as well as being a member of the team in charge of the interior design of the Eldorado Airport in Bogotá, and the administrative headquarters of companies, such as ISAGEN, Arturo Calle, EMGESA, the Nutresa Group and Yamaha Incolmotos.

Ms. Villegas sees herself as a professional in constant evolution.

Carlos Alberto Franco

Design Manager He graduated as an architect from Pontificia Bolivariana University (2001). Most of his professional life has been devoted to interior architecture. He has a clear understanding of spaces; moreover, he provides efficient and balanced options, which added to Marcela Villegas’ experience, result in a unique team capable of taking care of all the necessary aspects to provide distinctive, custom made projects for each client. 
He also has the qualities of a leader and has the natural ability to deal with interdisciplinary groups.

His studies on Top Management at the University of Medellín highlight the administrative aspects necessary to integrate the investors’ perspective and budget - efficiency.

He worked in his beginning years as an architect, with the French architect Laurent Sevestre, for the PACT ARIM 93 de Paris, France. He joined ENTORNOS PRODUCTIVOS S.A.S. in 2005. Currently, he is a partner in the firm and Design Manager.